Coinciding with management, monitoring and cleaning is Protocol Training. Any training, including but not limited to Protocol training, is important during construction, to define the levels of protocol during the project, and what they mean to the subcontractors. A proper build-clean protocol starts as soon as the cleanroom is shelled in, which means training starts shortly there after. Most commonly, there are five levels of protocol on a cleanroom project:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Levels 1-4 are most commonly practiced during the construction phase. Level 1 starts with the building being shelled in, and Level 4 goes through the certification of the cleanroom. Owner-enforced protocol for gowning comes into effect during Protocol Level 5. Typically, this level indicates the certification and testing phases of the project have been completed and the room is being turned over to the client. The owner may choose to have subcontractors follow different rules for all work post certification, like Tool Hook Up, which would be enforced during the final level.

These levels are often defined in the early planning stages of the project and are issued as specifications in the cleanroom construction bid package, primarily during plan and spec jobs. PMSI is also able to create these specifications for design build jobs and implement them throughout the course of the project.

Training begins at the beginning of the project. All subcontractors are informed of the type of project they are working on, and then training proceeds throughout the course of construction. PMSI trains before each level of protocol in order to ensure a full understanding of the limitations and restrictions of the work environment. PMSI believes that the more training received, the less likely subcontractors will be to forget or negate the cleanroom protocol. PMSI creates job specific trainings via PowerPoint presentations, videos, handouts, badging, and more.

PMSI also provides re-training for existing cleanrooms. This can be done as refreshers for existing employees, or in new methods and materials, as existing cleanroom information changes and evolves. PMSI works with current cleanroom owners to audit their existing protocols, gowning and cleaning methods, and make suggestions to update and improve current practices.