About PMSI

Proper Protocol Management is the key to a well-maintained cleanroom during and after construction. A build-clean protocol, enforced from the start of the project, is the most effective way to ensure a properly built cleanroom. Protocol Management is beneficial on all cleanroom projects, whether large or small, in any industry, at any ISO level.

PMSI will to provide the management necessary to achieve each ISO certified cleanroom, laboratory, or even white space. PMSI will supply Protocol Managers for each individual project. The Protocol Manager’s position is to train the workforces, oversee subcontractors, and enforce the rules set out by the owners and clients. The manager will oversee all aspects of protocol including, cleanings, monitoring, reporting and consumable supply and management.

An important part of our approach is implanting cleanroom monitors on many projects. The monitors provide constant supervision in the physical area of construction, watch for protocol compliance, issue citations for violations, and retrain personnel onsite as necessary in proper procedure. The monitors are crucial to support the Protocol Manager, and report periodically throughout the day, on activities inside the cleanroom.

Our managers are trained in the ISO classifications and IEST standard practices and suggested guidelines, in order to provide the proper management for each individual cleanroom. We also implement all aspects of the owner-supplied protocols, or specifications set at the beginning of the project. PMSI can also write, define, and implement protocol specifications for project without clear documented guidelines.

We can supply cleaners, and our managers are trained to teach proper techniques to cleaners, which enable us to implement crews throughout the country on multiple projects at any time.

Proper management means constant conversations with subcontractors, owners, clients, and construction managers. PMSI will provide proper documentation for daily activities, trainings, violations, and any other aspects of the cleanroom protocol. Our managers report daily to our main office to make sure that the jobs are properly stocked with consumables, like gowning and cleaning materials, and manpower. We are able to provide extremely competitive pricing for consumable materials during, as well as, after construction.

PMSI will additionally, work with the owner, towards the end of construction, to implement all of their cleanroom policies. This creates a seamless transition from construction to an operational cleanroom. PMSI is up to date on current practices, which allows us to make suggestions relevant to the specific cleanroom environment of each customer. We have created gowning procedures, cleaning procedures, material handling and installation procedures, as well as, certification procedures, and many more. PMSI will help with gowning room design, furniture and consumable procurement, and implementation to owner personnel through training.