Commissioning And Validation Services

If required, PMSI provides independent commissioning and validation experts. All tests, reports, and installations are checked, proven, and validated to make sure they have adhered to the specifications and client requests.

Cleanroom HVAC and Architectural Commissioning are crucial aspects to the process. PMSI provides engineers that make sure the reports are in line with the design specifications.

Commissioning Plans typically have 5 steps:

  1. Design Phase
  2. Installation Verification
  3. Operational Verification
  4. Functional Verification
  5. Post Occupancy

The following tests will be carried out during the testing and balancing portion of the project and will be verified by the commissioning agent.

  • Hydronic Balance Testing
  • Sound Measurement Testing
  • Air Flow Rate Testing in Ductwork
  • Air Volume Supply and Return, Testing and Balancing
  • Fan RPM and Amperage Confirmation
  • Temperature, Humidity (Coil Duties) and Static Pressure Testing (Duct Leak)
  • Differential Pressure Testing and Balancing
  • Loop Checks
  • Component (Air Coil, AHU, FCU, Filters)
  • Operation Testing (Test Sequences, Shutdown and Start-up Procedures)
  • (P&ID) confirmation = As-Built P&ID
  • Utilities Check
  • Vibration Testing
  • Alarms and Interlocks Testing

Also included are all the items mentioned in the certification section.

Cleanroom (Finishing) Commissioning

  • Floor, Wall, Ceiling – Leakage and Cleanliness
  • Doors and Airlocks and Interlocks
  • Lighting and Other Fixtures
  • Cleaning