Questions pertaining to cleanroom protocol and cleanroom construction. Don’t see your questions? Email us at info@pmsiclean.com for any and all questions relating to cleanrooms and cleanroom protocol management.

What is a cleanroom?

A cleanroom is a controlled environment used for research or production, that is free from contamination like dust and debris. Need more information? Email us info@pmsiclean.com.

What is cleanroom protocol?

Cleanroom protocol combines practices used through out construction and production in order to achieve and maintain the clean environment. Need more information? Email us info@pmsiclean.com.

Why is protocol management important?

Cleanrooms are certified by the amounts of particulate in the air. These particle sizes are invisible to the eye, requiring continuous management in order to reduce defects in production. Need more information? Email us info@pmsiclean.com.

My cleanroom is already built, do I still need protocol management?

Yes, proper continuous cleanroom management will extend the life of a cleanroom.

Will PMSI come look at our existing cleanroom?

Yes, PMSI will come look and review any existing cleanroom.

Why does a data-center need special cleaning?

Data centers create and contain a lot of static in these critical environments. They also contain extremely important equipment, and specialty cleaning is critical.

Where does PMSI work?

PMSI will work throughout the continental United States.

Does PMSI build cleanrooms?

PMSI partner with various cleanroom construction companies in order to provide suitable cleanroom solutions.