Cleanroom Cleaning

Our decontamination services are far superior to basic cleaning. With more than 15 years of experience, Protocol Management Services Inc. (PMSI) uses the latest information available in the industry and most innovative and proven cleaning techniques.

We recognize the possible contaminates that may be present in a controlled environment and use only the proper cleansing agents for their control and elimination.  Over time, particulates are deposited onto many surfaces within the cleanroom such as floors, walls, work surfaces, etc. These particles may not affect products immediately, but will eventually pose an increasing threat to your products and equipment. Since humans can also cross-contaminate environments, and we teach you how to implement proper clean room protocols that will protect your facility.

Our cleaning expertise ranges from micro-cleaning of class 1 to class 100,000 (ISO 1-9) environments nationwide. Our expertise applies not only to cleanrooms, but other critical environments such as laboratories, medical suites and many more. Our cleaning technicians are highly trained professionals that understand how to handle a variety of critical environments. They have all been trained in the very latest and most efficient cleaning techniques and are some of the most highly trained in the industry. PMSI utilizes a variety of specialized equipment and cleaning agents to support these efforts.

PMSI utilizes extremely detailed methods in order to meet all Federal and Industry standards and give you the best cleaning service available. We have excellent relationships with cleanroom supply companies allowing us to meet all requirements for your facility. PMSI will do the job right the first time as we hold ourselves to not only the standards of our clients, but our own high standards of quality. Your peace of mind and your company’s regulatory compliance is our utmost concern. Let us apply our knowledge and experience to your environment in an effort to optimize your facilities’ productivity and thereby aid in your company’s ultimate success.