Data Center Cleaning

PMSI specializes in the method of cleaning required in data centers and other raised floor environments including post-construction cleaning, routine maintenance cleaning, and one-time super cleaning.  Our primary concern is to reduce and or eliminate harmful elements such as dust, debris and static buildup in your subfloor environment. Whether you use your subfloor for cabling and or cooling of equipment, we clean subfloor plenums without worry of downtime to your facility.  Our cleaning staff is professionally trained to handle your critical environment with utmost care.  We help preserve static control using chemicals that are safe, static dissipative and non-intrusive.

Data centers require clean airflow at microscopic levels that common janitors cannot achieve. Colocation Data Centers must keep a healthy air quality standard for their data center clients to house their equipment in the environment. Many equipment manufacturers are now requiring data centers to be cleaned by critical environment cleaning professionals, not just any janitorial company without the proper training.  We are committed to meet and/or exceed all industry standards to make sure you receive the best quality cleaning for your investment.

Recommended Essential Cleaning Services

  • Subfloor (Plenum) Cleaning – Recommended to be done once a year minimum
  • Raised Floor Surface Cleaning – Recommend vacuum once a week minimum and mapped/scrubbed on a monthly basis
  • Exterior Equipment/Cabinet Surface Cleaning – Recommend vacuumed/wiped quarterly minimum

Alternative Cleaning Services Available

  • Ceiling Cleaning – Recommend doing once a year
  • Subfloor Encapsulation (Concrete Sealing) – Recommend doing after initial construction or renovation
  • Airborne Particulate Count Sampling
  • Interior Cabinet Cleaning